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Baby bath ball

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Bath ball exclusively for babies made of bio-ceramic balls

Baby Ball made by bio ceramic balls that have a feature regulating water is a bath ball exclusively for babies.

Baby Ball softens water, increasing cleaning efficiency, which is a functional product protecting the pure skin of a baby by adsorbing harmful matters like chlorine ingredients, heavy metals and microbes remaining in water so that the skin of a baby may not come into contact with them.

It is a product into which the cleaning and water softening function for pure, smooth and elastic skin is incorporated by combination of natural ceramic materials.

If it is used in washing the face for beauty and skin care of women, it strengthens the elasticity of the skin by effective discharge of waste matters adopted in sweat glands, sebaceous glands and pores of the skin, and protects the skin so it can stay clean and healthy.

When washing or bathing a baby
For washing the face to protect the skin
For precipitating to take a half-body bath
For protecting hair and preventing itches

1. It removes rapidly harmful matters and chlorine ingredients to be easily infiltrated into the skin.
2. It is very good for atopic dermatitis, sensitive skin and dry skin.
3. It protects the skin so it can stay healthy by preventing itches of the skin and scalp.
4. The water penetrated deep into the skin prevents skin trouble by activating cells.
5. It maintains the slight wetness of the skin by the moisturizing effect (essence effect).

If two Baby Balls are put into water, they give changes to properties beneficial to skin health while one is floating down into water and the other is floating soaked on water.

Common sense on chlorine ingredients remaining in water
As chlorine remaining in tap water is absorbed into the skin while washing the face daily or bathing, it not only damages the skin by the oxidizing power and promotes aging by stimulating the skin but also can have bad effects on atopic skin.