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Hydrogen Water Purifier

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Hydrogen generating water purifier
Electrolytic hydrogen reduced water generation mechanism with a water purifying function

  • It applies a new reduction technology combining a water purification function and the electrolytic hydrogen generating device.
  • The generation of negative ion hydrogen (H-) generates antioxidant water by converting oxidizing power to reducing power, removing free radicals and reducing them again to water and oxygen.
  • Negative ion hydrogen is maximized by strong frequency modulation and combined with minerals rapidly.

The electrolytic hydrogen generating device consists of IC’s developed with the technology that makes water get strong pressure so that highly activated energy generated by making water (H2O) get instantaneous compression by frequency modulation can have a combination reaction with minerals ionized as hydrogen molecules (H2) are decomposed into atomic hydrogen (H-) that has positive charge.
  • The filtration membrane filter produced of 0.7mm (Ø) fine ceramic ball layers, the water purification performance of which has been proven by research institutes with the invention patent registration of the new material, is a filter excellent in water purification that has absorption and adsorption functions and a positive ion exchange function (meq) at the same time.
pH value: 7.8 ~ 8.3
ORP: minus 250 ~ 350mV
Active hydrogen generation: 600 ~ 800ppb